I. References concerning “Bio-Energetic Project Development”

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The following projects should help to clarify what we understand under holistic project development. However, specifications of users, obligations arising out of the building laws or land use regulations as well as wishes of constructors can demand compromises in a way that the full potential of the holistic project development cannot be realised.

Kindergarten in South - Hesse / ‘Bergstraße’

The BELLRINGER GmbH has developed and built a trend-setting Kindergarten in South - Hesse, which has been complimented by the specialised press as a sample-object. Primarily, the town hall wanted a ‘simple’ object with tin roof and catering where the food for the children was meant to be heated up in a microwave. We succeeded in convincing the city council to set up a large kitchen from which the children are able to be served with freshly prepared meals every day. Furthermore, the entire object has been built in timber-frame construction with a vegetated roof and a protecting inner courtyard which is giving the feeling of security. The result is that children as well as the staff feel very comfortable – contrary to the already existing reference-object with tin roof. The required emergency exit for the first floor has been installed as a slide which can be used by children for game-playing as well.

Life Port in the Upper Palatinate / Bavaria

Our aim for this scheme was the development of a project which makes the suppressed history of a former aircraft-factory tangible again. At the same time this project was supposed to easily lead visitors over to a holiday in between for regeneration through the topic of ‘flying’ and aircrafts themselves in connection with adventurous-shopping. Due to the current economic and retail climate, this project has not to come into being.

Themed hot spring in line with a UNESCO-Geopark (in development)

This European-wide unique project shall be completely developed under bio-energetic aspects and becoming a place of power in which visitors are able to stock up on energy in many diverse ways.
Special importance will be placed on health care which aims to make people more self dependent due to an ailing health system which cannot be financed any longer.
Therefore, it is an immense concern of BELLRINGER GmbH to create the appropriate premises for this purpose – connected to the enlightenment accordant to the holistic approach of body – soul – spirit – nature – buildings.

Lands´ World (in development)

In this unique project the most different countries of this planet are ought to represent themselves with their culture, history, tourism, economy, trade, food as well as traditional medicine in a country-specific architecture. Besides international understanding, adventurous shopping and health, also the getaway in between should come to the fore.

  • Also, the harmonic coexistence and cooperation of different cultures accord to the holistic thinking.


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II. Reference objects, which has been significantly co-developed by Dipl. Phys. Hansjörg Glöckner in his function as acting partner within an international property development enterprise before founding the BELLRINGER GmbH

a.) Office- and Administrative- Buildings

Office Building   Authority Park with local tax office, county court,
  land registry and Public Prosecution Service

Bank in the
Centre of Prague

b.) Commercial Buildings and Shopping Malls

Specialist retail centre with offices and hotel

 Creating of a

 Shopping Mall

 Shopping Mall

 Shopping Mall

c.) Domestic Construction and Nursing Homes

 Domestic construction and
 district development, also in
 PPP-models (Private Public
 Partnerschip) with cities

d.) Urban Entertainment Centre (UEC) (Shopping, Leisure, Health, Entertainment)

e.) Industry- and Commercial- Parks

Technology Centre
in Burgenland / Austria

Transbordering business park Austria / Hungary

f.) Development of Holiday- and Leisure- Real Estate

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