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Who doesn’t know the feeling?

  • You enter a building and all of a sudden you feel uncomfortable. In an extreme example of sensitive people the pulse increases, hot flashes come up, a clear thought is hard to catch and one has only one wish – to get out of this building as fast as possible.
    Frequently, this phenomenon appears in Shopping malls. In the meantime even amulets treated with information are offered, which are supposed to protect you from disturbing influences whilst shopping.

  • On the contrary, there are also aspects of real estate in which one feels very comfortable – real estate which do invite you to dwell and participate.

What reasons are those serious differences based on?
  • On properties and existing buildings that are bought and furnished with a great concept of use but however, the project stagnates.

Which „inexplicable “causes can be jointly responsible for that?

What do we understand by „Bio-Energetic Project Development“ and on which cognitions is it built upon?
  • From our experience every property has its own oscillation and biography which can be supportive or hindering to another usage. Successful real estate is characterised by the fact, that during its development this basic oscillation has been considered.

  • By overtaking or altering existing buildings, their known and also hidden biography conveys a certain meaning, which is to fathom and consider. Because also occurrences and destinies leave their tangible traces.

  • The human being should not only be regarded as a materialised body, because there is also a subtle body attached to it, which underlies its own rules and does permanently exchange with its surrounding.

  • Note: The “physical body”, which is visible to the naked eye is obviously just the most concentrated level, which means the materialised level of the multilayer “subtle body”, generally known as aura, spirit, soul, etc. All procedures, feelings but also diseases firstly take place in the subtle body before manifesting in the physical body. Therefore, the consideration of the human subtle body is of highest importance with every action.

  • The matter which surrounds us, e.g. buildings, are obviously not as ‘dead‘ as it seems. The quantum physics as well as experiments of particle physicists do apparently confirm one “omniscient” energy which at the same time acts and inheres in every particle and connects everything to everything. This of course can be seen as an scientific evidence that there is an exchange happening between the surrounding matter - like buildings - and us humans. Thus a mutual impact takes place, which should be considered in the project development in order to develop successfully. The fact that all “BEING” has a common derivation eases the understandability of this statement.

  • The materials used for the construction of a building can be harmonical as well as disharmonious to each other. A disharmony amongst materials does have an effect on the well-being of us humans being users of those premises. This can lead to stress, aggression and diseases.

  • To minimise the on-site produced low- and high-frequency electromagnetic fields as well as insulating from external electromagnetic fields of transmitter within the surrounding is of highest importance.

  • Minimisation of consumption of fossil fuels, electrical energy, water, etc.

  • Not only the property but also the materials used effect the human subtle body and consequently our feelings and health etc., but also the architecture itself and the integration into the environment.

  • The way of relation and contact amongst all people being involved in the project forms a strong energy which is invisible but nevertheless tangible and attached to the plot and the building – because thoughts, words and doings are strong energies. Any object – no matter the size – accrued from a bare thought.
    Frequently, during or before the construction phase an quarrel, as well as the overreaching of people, inconsiderateness, arrogance, etc. comes up and this in turn produces aggravation, enviousness, animosity or interminable judicial conflicts. Under such preconditions successful real estate with a ‘feel-good‘ atmosphere is hard to create, as those negative energies are tangible to the human subtle body and unconsciously perceived by people. These factors should also be considered when buying an existing building.

  • The experiences gained from holistic considerations of human beings and nature are transferred to real estate by the “Bio-Energetic Project Development“. The adoption of holistic consideration of real estate has come about from both personal experience - whereby some real estate projects have succeeded and others - despite external factors promising success have failed, but also from the profound experience and knowledge of the healing of critical diseases by the teachings and practices of alternative and holistic therapies.

  • If those facts will be considered by the development, construction or revitalisation of real estate we are talking about the effective implementation of the “Bio-Energetic Project Development“.

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