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1. Holistic Project Development

  • Predominantly, we are engaged with the development of real estate under holistic aspects which means under consideration of the interaction between nature, human beings and real estate. We call this “Bio-energetic Project Development”.

  • Bio-energetic Project Development concentrates on recognising the human being’s needs, perceptions, feelings and their subtle bodies as a whole and their interaction with their own environment. This analysis allows us to develop real estate with all these factors in mind to create an exceptional feel-good atmosphere which ensures the success of your real estate in the long run.

    We will willingly support you in the development of your project by utilising these holistic features.

  • Note: The “physical body”, which is visible to the naked eye is obviously just the most concentrated level, which means the materialised level of the multilayer “subtle body”, generally known as aura, spirit, soul, etc. All procedures, feelings but also diseases firstly take place in the subtle body before manifesting in the physical body. Therefore, the consideration of the human subtle body is of highest importance with every action.

2. Real estate brokering of supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, nursing homes,
    commercial-, logistic- and residential facilities

  • With our superior market knowledge and diverse range of national and international contacts, which include both investors and vendors, we recommend our services for the intermediation of real estate to which we attach the upmost importance to firstly, the fulfilment of needs and secondly, the long-lasting satisfaction of every party involved.

    Take advantage of our wide network in case you like to quickly buy or sell real estate in a discreet way.

3. Acquisition and brokerage of photovoltaic plants, wind power plants, biogas plants
    and hydro power plants across Europe.

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